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Glytrom glow in the dark crystals used in any concrete sealer or floor wax, it can also be used with just water. This process can be use on any stamped concrete, stained concrete, concrete overlay, decorative concrete, or just plain old or new concrete or wax-able floors. Easy to use and mix. Give your concrete or wax-able floor a total new look with a glow in the dark concrete sealer or commercial floor wax. You can light up those dark sidewalks, stepping stone, concrete pavers, patios, concrete walls, concrete steps, concrete stairs, concrete curbs, all of your concrete.
Glytrom glow in the dark concrete sealer & commercial floor wax additives are non-toxic and environment friendly, with a unlimited recharge and a long and bright glow. 

There are so many ways to apply the Glytrom glow in the dark crystals. You can mix the crystals into any solvent or water-base acrylic sealer and just spray it onto your concrete. Using tape you can design your own pattern. 

With this process you can add the Glytrom Glow crystals in water and just spray it onto any concrete, stepping stones, paver or other pourous concrete type products. Once it has dried you just spray or roll a water-base or solvent base acrylic sealer over the top. This is the easiest way.

Using the Glytrom Glow crystals in a floor wax can be used on just about any kind of floor. You just mix the Glytrom glow crystals into the floor wax and spray onto you floor. Once you have let it dry apply a couple applications of just the floor wax over the top. There are many different application or uses for this process. 

Adding glow rocks into new concrete can can give you a interesting look to your new patio, driveway, and other new concrete projects. You can make your own unique glow rocks using a two part resin, Glytrom crystals, and a silicon mold of your choice. If you follow the steps how to make Glow in the dark stars in the project page this will help you be able to make your own glow rocks for new concrete. 

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