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Lava Lamp or Liquid Galaxy Directions

1 Packet of Glytrom Blue ( makes 8 to 12 Lava Lamps) Click here to purchase
Cooking oil
Powder food coloring
Glass container
Plastic drink shaker

Recommend using 5 to 7 grams of Glytrom for each ounce of oil. 1 Level teaspoon is about 5 to 6 grams
1.Depending on the size of your glass container, you can figure about 2 ounces of oil to 1 cup of water.
2. Measure out the cooking oil and place into a container you can shake.
3. Add a very, very small amount of powder food color to the cooking oil.
4. Shakes for a few minutes to ensure the food coloring has been mixed completely
5. Remove shaker lid and add  Glytrom Glow crystals. 
6. Shake for about two minutes or until thoroughly mixed.
7. Add the Glytrom cooking oil mixture first to your glass container. (Do not use a plastic container)
8. Then add your cold water. (Adding warm water will give you different results) I encourage you to play around with this.
9. Seal your glass container.
10. Let the Glytrom oil mixture set for about 10 minutes before shaking. (Also this is optional) By shaking mixture right away this will give you different results as well.
11. Place in a well lit area so the Glytrom Glow Crystals can charge.
12. Shake and watch. Looks awesome in the light or dark.


Each Lava lamp will have it's own look. Not every Lava lamp appearance is the same, all though the glow is consistent.

Adding to much colorant to the cooking oil will take away the brightness and the glow time from your Lava lamp.

The other Gytrom crystals give more of a snow globe effect. Blue works best for the Lava lamp appearance.

Do not try and use plastic containers, it will glow but the overall appearance is really cloudy and you can not see the mixture.

Make your own decorative glow in the dark stepping stones

Things you need:

Fabric Glue
Glytrom Crystals
Stir stick
1/2 teaspoon measuring scoop
Stepping stones

Remove some of the fabric glue so you can add the Glytrom Glow Crystals.
You will add about 1/2 teaspoon of the Gryltrom Glow crystals to each ounce of fabric glue.
Once you have added the Glytrom Crystals use the stir stick and start by moving it up and down to work the Glytrom towards the bottom, then stir and repeat this process until you can get it blended. Then shake the mixture to ensure it is thoroughly mixed.

Make your own leaf shaped glow in the dark stepping stones

Things you need:

Rhubarb Leaf or other large leaf
Concrete sand mix
Glytrom Glow Crystals
Squeeze bottle
Clear enamel spray paint

Place your large leaf on a sturdy surface,
Mix up your concrete mix and place on the leaf
Let it dry for 24 hours
Once it has dried turn over and remove the leaf
Mix 4 to 5 grams of Glytrom Glow crystals to 1 ounce of water.
Mix Glytrom/water mixture in a squeeze bottle.
Squeeze out or pour Glytrom water mixture over the Concrete leaf stepping stone.
Do this multiple time allowing each application to absorb into the concrete.
Let the Glytrom dry for several hours
Once dried you can brush off the Glytrom dust from the surface of the stepping stone.

Make sure the project is dry and spray a couple light coats of the clear enamel spray paint over the entire stepping stone. 

Make your own Glow in the Dark Stars

Things you need:

Glytrom glow crystals

Mixing container

Silicon mold

Scale or measuring spoon


Two part resin

Stir stick

Non Stick spray

Spray non Stick in your silicon mold

Mix your two part resin

Add your Glytrom crystals to the resin, 5 to 8 gram for each ounce of resin. 1 teaspoon of Grytrom crystals weighs between 5 and 8 grams. 

Stir the Glytrom crystals and resin. make sure it is mixed well.

Then pour into your silicon mold. 

Once they dry just pop them out.

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